Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Traditions from the Heart is on sale now!

My first ebook, Traditions from the Heart, a Christmas-themed short novella, was released on Dec. 1! The ebook is part of Dreamspinner Press' Christmas Anthology, Evergreen, and can be purchased from Dreamspinner,  Amazon or Barnes and Noble.

I'm so excited to be able to share this fluffy (and smutty) Christmas story with readers, and I hope that you'll love reading it as much as I loved writing it. AllRomanceEbooks gave it a four our of five flame rating on its heat index, so it's sure to keep you warm on a cold winter's night!

Now through Dec. 25, I'm offering an incentive for readers who review or rate the book. Leave a comment in my feedback section (or drop me an email at bru@bru-baker.com) with a link to your rating or review and I'll send you a personalized holiday ecard with a (PG) slashy scene drawn by yours truly. I'm looking for honest ratings and reviews here--even if you didn't love it, I'll still send you the e-card if you drop me the link!

You can rate the book on Amazon, Goodreads, Dreamspinner  and Barnes and Noble or on any site of your choice to be eligible for the e-card. Just be sure to send me the link!

Dreamspinner Press has been amazing though the whole publishing process, and I'm excited to continue working with the awesome editors there on new projects in the future. I have a few mostly finished manuscripts that are just awaiting a final polish before being submitted to Dreamspinner's editorial team. Sign up for my email list to be notified when new releases come out!

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