Friday, June 21, 2013

Red Slushie tragedies and a giveaway winner!

The Barnacle and Bubba, taking their
anonymous name-drawing duties
very seriously.

It's June 21, which means that we've finally made it to the official start of summer! Here in the U.S. Midwest, we're off to a warm start with a brutally sunny 90 degree Fahrenheit (that's 32 degrees Celsius for you Continentals...) day for the summer solstice.

It also means that today I'm giving away a copy of my summer pool read, Diving In. I had a great time reading through the entries and seeing what exciting (or not-so-exciting) plans everyone has for the summer. True to form, I've already had a popsicle dropped on me today. (Well, a red Slushie dropped on my you know how hard that sticky shit is to get out from in between your toes? Or how hard it is to console a child who is distraught at the loss of her treat while you have sticky, cold red Slushie between your freaking toes?

Once we got the Slushie cleaned up (and my foot and flip-flop washed), the kids were happy to be my lovely assistants and help draw a winner for the Diving In giveaway. Yes, that's a big plastic bear that was the former home to animal crackers. What can I say, we're high tech here.

Congrats to winner Inosha_w. Hopefully this perks up your rainy summer! Inosha_w, if you're reading this, please check your email.

To every one else, thanks for entering! Don't be too bummed you didn't win, because Dreamspinner Press is running a big sale this weekend. You can get Diving In and all other in-stock titles for 30% off now through Sunday!

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