Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Campfire Confessions is available for preorder!

My latest short, Campfire Confessions, is available for preorder on the Dreamspinner Press site!

I'm excited to be part of A Valentine's Rainbow, Dreamspinner Press' first-ever Valentine's Day daily dose anthology--you can buy all 14 stories as a set or buy Campfire Confessions on its own. Visit my website for an excerpt!

Campfire Confessions
Release date: Feb. 11 
Best friends Case and Mitchell are so inseparable everyone assumes they’re dating. Case’s dad even buys them a joint gift—a camping trip. Even though Case hates the woods, he wants Mitchell to have a good time. When they discover the trip is a couples’ retreat, they have to fake a relationship. Case can’t understand why the trust and intimacy exercises the other couples struggle with come so naturally to them. After all, they’re not really boyfriends….

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