Sunday, June 1, 2014

Celebrating Branded's release with a Dreamspinner Press giveaway!

I've had my head down for a while since I've been so focused on getting the third book in the Dropping Anchor series written (I feel like Dorie... just keep writing/just keep writing/writing, writing wriiiiiiitiiiinnggg), so today's release kind of snuck up on me. Oops!

That's a good thing, though. New releases are always happy things, even when I'm up til 4 a.m. the night of the release frantically writing blog posts for the release day blog party that I also somehow managed to forget about.

I'll be over on the Dreamspinner Press blog all day today talking about the hurt/comfort trope (it's one of my favorites!), the book, and some of the whacked out things I researched on Google so I could make it as accurate as possible. There will be several chances to enter to win a $10 Dreamspinner gift certificate that I'll be drawing a winner for at 9 p.m. EST tonight (June 1), so make sure you come by at least once to enter. (Hint: You can enter on each post today, so come by often and comment a lot for more chances to win!)

Branded is part of the Dreamspinner Press Mended Anthology, which is a collection of 30 different hurt/comfort stories. They're available individually or you can buy the whole set.

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