Wednesday, June 24, 2015

WIP Wednesday: an IKEA movie date!

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Lex and I are so, so close to the finish line with Some Assembly Required. We've built the world and filled it in with a lot of wonderful, colorful characters. And now we're getting to the nitty gritty stuff that I love...sweet moments and relationship building! *g*

What happens when you're a ghost so your spiritual essence is tied to IKEA and you can't take your crush on a date? Why, you bring the date to him! Benji and Patrick's relationship is moving along at a snail's pace (or rather, Patrick's pace...) and Benji decides what they need is a good old-fashioned movie date.

Some Assembly Required, February 2016, Dreamspinner Press

Benji sighed as he moved over to snag a VGA cable from around Karin's neck and start hooking the laptop up. She'd clearly not known what he needed, since she brought several. He saw an HDMI and what he was pretty sure was an ethernet cable, though he had no idea where she'd have gotten that. 
Agnes craned her neck, watching him closely. “So you're going to show a movie using this?” 
He wondered when the last time Agnes had actually watched a movie. Had they even had talkies then? He decided discretion was the better part of valor and bit back his joke. 
I'm streaming the movie and using the projector to put it up on the wall. Kind of like how movie theaters do it.” 
Agnes poked at the laptop, and the screen flickered from the burst of electromagnetic energy. She drew her hand back quickly, and Benji almost laughed. It was the closest to chagrined he'd ever seen her. 
Karin joined them, squinting at the laptop. “So there's a movie reel in there?” 
Not for the first time, Benji wondered just exactly how old Karin and Agnes were. 
Uh, no. Nowadays movie theaters are all digital.” He bit his lip when he looked up and saw two blank faces. “It's hard to explain. But no, there are no reels of film.” 
He'd had a hard time figuring out what to screen for Patrick on their movie date, but after an hour agonizing over his choices he'd settled on The Avengers. It was the perfect mix of action and geekery and it was exactly the type of movie he bet Patrick would have lined up to see on opening night. 
Benji was going to be kind of devastated if Patrick didn't love it. 

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