Wednesday, December 9, 2015

WIP Wednesday: Border crossing kisses with Crawford and Mateus

Happy Wednesday, everyone! It's a very happy one here in the Baker household, because my contractor should be hooking up the water in my kitchen this morning, which means I'll be able to cook again! For those of you who have somehow escaped me whining about my tale of woe, we're eight weeks into a four-week kitchen renovation, and I am beyond ready to be done. *g*

Today for #WIPWednesday we're back with Crawford and Mateus in Tall, Dark and Deported.

This scene takes place after Crawford and Mateus are stopped at the US/Canada border as they cross back into the United States after getting married in Vancouver. They stage a kiss that goes from tentative to heated for the benefit of the border guard, but it's not enough to keep them from the standard immigration interview. It does leave all three of them a little disoriented, especially the poor guard, who hardly knows where to look after witnessing it.

The guard scrawled a name and number on the back of a Homeland Security business card. “You'll have to make an appointment, but the officer with Immigration Services might be able to see you today. My understanding was she wanted to meet you and set up future appointments, not put you through an interview right away.”

Well, that was ominous. Crawford flipped the card over and read the name—Office Kathleen Suarez. The guard looked apologetic, though he certainly wasn't the one who had done anything embarrassing. “I'll call her now,” Crawford said. “Should I step outside?”

The guard straightened. “No need. I'll leave you two to set that up. Just stop by the desk on your way out to let them know you've set up your appointment so they can confirm it with Useless—” the man looked stricken. “—I mean USCIS. Shit.”

Crawford laughed, feeling at ease for the first time since they'd been pulled over at the border and told to get out of the car. “Interdepartmental nicknames, eh? I guess there's no love lost between immigration services and homeland security. Though with that name, they really were asking for it.”

The man chuckled. “Right? Anyway, I apologize. I'm sure Officer Stewart will do a great job with your case.”

Crawford certainly hoped not.  

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