Wednesday, January 27, 2016

#WIPWednesday: Noah lands himself in the ER--and Rory agrees to nurse him back to health

Before I introduce today's #WIPWednesday snippet of You Otter Know, I wanted to share Hans Hirschi's amazing review of King of the Kitchen. He is a dear friend and a wonderful writer, and his opinion means so much to me. Thank you, Hans! (And everyone: Hans has a book coming out tomorrow--I'll be picking it up, and you should, too!)

Even though I missed my deadline for the anthology, I'm still plugging away (slowly) at You Otter Know. Since it will be a stand-alone release and won't have to conform to the shifter anthology's rules, I'm probably going to change a few things. I like the idea of Noah and the other lifeguards being shifters, but I have some ideas about how that's going to play out differently now that I don't have any specifications to meet. Plot twists and shenanigans ahoy! *g*

Today we peek in on a conversation between Rory and Jared, who's one of Noah's closest friends at the resort, while they wait in the Emergency Room after rushing Noah there with a broken hand. Rory's crush is only going to get worse...

You Otter Know

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It’s only for a few days.” 
“A few days?” Rory’s voice cracked, his tone full of incredulity.
A weeks, tops,” Jared said reasonably, gesturing toward the emergency room doors Noah had disappeared behind twenty minutes earlier. 
“Jared, he broke his hand. That’s not going to be better in a few days.” 
“No, but his roommate is visiting family this week, and I don't think Noah should be on his own. He'll be all zoned out with pain killers and he'll need help with stuff. 
“Why can’t he stay with you?” he whined, knowing full well that Jared was in a tiny cabin at the back of the property that didn’t have room for everyone who already lived there, let alone a guest. He'd wondered why Noah wasn't out there in one, too. Noah was the only lifeguard who stayed at the resort on the staff floor instead of in one of the cabins. 
“Rory –" 
Rory sat heavily in one of the garish orange plastic chairs, holding his head in his hands. Noah’s injury had been, at least in part, his fault. It was amazing, the fact that Noah had made it through the entire summer rescuing children with stupidly heroic looking dives and hadn’t gotten injured at the pool. No, he’d gotten hurt when a group of teenagers had been manhandling Rory on the lobby, tossing him around within their circle while Greg had been off doing whatever it was he did when he was shirking work. Rory had been about to break Jolie’s cardinal rule and take off his costume head when Noah had appeared, jostling through the crowd of teenage boys to push them off Rory. One of them had taken a swing, and Noah had ducked, coming up with a punch when another had tried to kick Rory, only to have that teen sidestep, resulting in Noah’s punch landing against the same lamp post that Rory had walked into earlier that summer. 
“Fine. But first thing Monday morning, I’m going to lodge a complaint against that lamp post. It’s clearly a menace. I’m going to make sure the resort has it removed.”

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