Wednesday, May 6, 2015

WIP Wednesday: More of the Zen Den!

I'm supposed to be working on my latest chapter of Some Assembly Required, but yoga happened instead. Shh, don't tell Lex.

We pick up with Kincaid and Owen, the guys we met in last week's snippet. Yoga teacher Owen has just asked Kincaid about previous yoga experience. Enjoy! *g*

The Zen Den 

Once," Kincaid said with a slight grimace. "My roommate was into it in college and she dragged me to a class. All I remember is it being ridiculously hot and not understanding most of what the instructor said for the whole hour and a half.”  
Owen snickered. “Sounds like Bikram. They heat the room to about 105 degrees Fahrenheit to help practitioners sweat out their toxins.”  
“I felt like I was trying to sweat out my spleen.” 
“So no hot yoga for you. Got it. Do you remember any of the positions? Were there any you particularly liked?”  
“It was about ten years ago, so not really. The only pose I remember was Linnie doing something on her belly with her feet arched up to almost touch her head. I didn't even try that one. It seemed like there was a high risk of accidental castration.”  
Owen barked out a laugh. “Probably pūrnaśalabhāsana.”  
“Bless you?”  
“So you're funny as well as handsome and athletic, Mr. Sorens?” Owen teased, and Kincaid preened internally at the compliments. “In English it's called full locust pose, but I always find the Sanskrit words more fun to say.”  
Before Kincaid could respond, Owen held his hand up and shook his head. “Don't worry. I don't break out into Sanskrit until at least the fifth class.”
Kincaid was sure he still looked horrified, if the way Owen laughed was any indication.  
“Kidding. I always call out poses in English, and I'm right there modeling the pose for the class. For you, I'd recommend private lessons to start with so we can work one-on-one and make sure you have the poses down so you don't aggravate your stress fracture. That will be more expensive than the group classes, though.” 
Kincaid wasn't exactly flush with money, but his ankle was a priority. Besides, he hadn't taken a vacation in two years and he been picking up overtime on the weekends now that he wasn't able to be out running. Plus he found he really wanted to work with Owen, not just because he found the man attractive but because he actually felt comfortable with him. “I can make it work.”

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