Wednesday, April 29, 2015

WIP Wednesday: The Zen Den

Today's #WIPWednesday is an oldie but goodie I pulled out of my procrastination pile, aka the file of manuscripts I inch along on bit by bit whenever my active project is in a lull. Since I'm caught up on Some Assembly Required and I'm still pondering rewrites for Incoming Credits, I dove in to one of my favorite long-term WIPs, The Zen Den. 

Nicholas Tonelli/Flickr Creative Commons
I loved writing the yoga classes in Finding Home, so I wanted to take that further and write a book where yoga is central to the plot and important to the main characters. The Zen Den was born last year when a bad stress fracture in my ankle stopped me from running my first half marathon just a week before the race. (Boo, hiss) My ortho said runners were his worst patients, since we're so anxious to get back out there and very likely to press through the pain--because let's be honest, running always hurts, so how's a runner to know OMG-broken-bone pain from OMG-it's-Tuesday pain? Amrite?

Kincaid certainly thinks so. He's an avid marathoner who is less than pleased to be sidelined with a stress fracture. He's even less stoked when his ortho recommends yoga for his physical therapy--until he finds out how attractive the teacher is. (And no, sadly, that part is NOT pulled from my personal experience. *g*)

Here's the snippet. Enjoy!

The Zen Den

The printer that was wedged in the corner whirred to life, and Owen leaned over Kincaid and picked up a sheet to hand to him. “Medical release. Sign it and I'll get it over to Dr Chester, but remind him to send me a note when you're approved for more intense activity. Sometimes things get busy over there and updating the physical therapist slips through the cracks." 
I see him again in two weeks. He said he'll probably okay me for cardio then.” 
Even then, no running. He'll probably have you hold off on weight-bearing cardio for another week or so. Sometimes bones heal in that month off, sometimes they take longer. We won't know til he sees your X-rays. Swimming, biking and some faster walking will probably be his recommendation. And I'll do my part to get your heart rate up, I promise.” 
Kincaid swallowed at Owen's unintentionally suggestive words. That wouldn't be a problem. Kincaid felt like his heart was racing just sitting so close to Owen. How was he going to survive having Owen guide him into yoga positions without embarrassing himself? 
Owen seemed to read Kincaid's discomfort, and he tilted his head to the side for a moment, his cheeks coloring lightly. “Ah. I didn't mean it like that.” He looked flustered, and Kincaid thought it was adorable. “It's just that most athletic guys figure yoga is a walk in the park, but it's actually as easy or as difficult as you make it. If you put effort into your practice, you'll find that it's very satisfying.” 
Kincaid's lips twitched at Owen's choice of words, which caused Owen's to close his eyes and chuckle. “I mean, you'll find it's a satisfying cardiovascular workout. Wow. I apologize. My mind must be somewhere else today.” 
It's no problem. I'm looking forward to you getting my heart rate up.” Flirting openly wasn't something Kincaid usually did, but he couldn't help himself.
 Owen coughed and looked away, but Kincaid was almost positive it was to hide a smile.  

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