Wednesday, August 27, 2014

All in a Day's Work is available for pre-order!

I've never organized an anthology before, but I will definitely do it again--it's been amazing  working with the authors involved in All in a Day's Work. In fact, it's been so fun that it hardly felt like work at all, which is why I was absolutely floored when the book appeared on Dreamspinner's Coming Soon page.

The editing process is always as painless as possible over at Dreamspinner Press, but this one seemed especially quick and easy. Must be because I did it in fabulous company, right? Hard to believe such an awesome anthology started with a simple Tweet. Behold, the power of social media! *g*

You can pre-order it (in ebook or paperback) now.

The book will be available Sept. 22, just in time for GayRomLit in October! If you order a paperback and will be going  to GRL, you'll have the option of picking it up there if you like. Several of the authors (including me!) will be at GRL, so if you see us stop us and say hi. I'll have some awesome book lights for anyone who buys a paperback of one of my books, this one included!

Monday, August 18, 2014

Cover reveal: All in a Day's Work

Sometimes I think  I should be banned from the internet because it makes me so much less productive. And other times it helps connect me with other writers and things like the All in a Day's Work anthology are born!

Eight short stories about  finding love—or a hot hook-up—at work. All but one are contemporary, with the outlier being a 1930s historical that will give you a new perspective on dance halls. From newlyweds who can't keep their hands off each other in the office to Revolutionary War reenactors who spice up Washington's Army to high society spies engaged in dangerous espionage, no one will suggest that the characters in All in a Day's Work give up their day jobs!

My piece in All in a Day's Work is My  OTP, and yes, that's a nod to fandom. It was a blast to channel all that fandom squee into an original fiction piece!

Troy Casley and Ryder Hamilton cohost a popular myth-debunking reality television show, and their on-air chemistry is a big part of the show's huge fan base. Fans have long suspected there's more between them than just friendship, and most posts on Tumblr about them are accompanied with exclamation points and the tag OTP--One True Pairing.Little do the fans know, but they're on to something. Troy and Ryder have been having a secret affair for months.

But Troy wants more than just a casual relationship with Ryder.  Like their hardcore fans,  he  wants  Ryder  to  be his  OTP.  When Ryder discovers the social media sites where Troy obsessively reads about them, his reaction just might surprise Troy.

The anthology will be available from Dreamspinner Press in  late September, just in time for GayRomLit!
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